Mindfulness - 4 Week Starter

Mindfulness - 4 Week Starter

6th - 27th Nov 2018

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£125.00 + £0.00 handling

Event Details

On this 4 week course you will learn key mindfulness skills to help you cope with stress, fear, depression and anxiety. Teaching takes place in a small friendly group on Barge Fiodra led by Bob Chase. 

The course will also work on how you can boost your happiness, your well-being and develop resilience and calmness in a frantic world.

Who is it for?

The course is for the general public but may be of special interest to staff, working in charities or the NHS, who would like to better understand stress and how to manage it mindfully. 

Learning style

Activities will include exploring techniques and discussing experiences with other participants and the course tutor. Weekly "homework" will be set using simple worksheets and guided meditation recordings. To get the maximum benefit from the course participants should commit to attend all the sessions, do a daily meditation at home for 20-40 minutes and carry out some simple assignments between sessions.

No previous knowledge or experience is required but you may wish to read around the subject to supplement the experience. I would recommend Prof Mark Williams book "Finding Peace in a Frantic World" or Michael Chaskalson's book "Mindfulness in 8 weeks"

Precautionary note:

It is not recommended that you attend this course if you have a significant mental health issue (e.g.PTSD) or are suffering an episode of depression. You are welcome to contact Bob to discuss this in confidence. bob@fiodra.co.uk

What participants have said

"Practicing Mindfulness has made me understand how much time I spent on autopilot and has given me a new perspective on how enriching it is to pay attention to the present moment." (Susan 2016)