Venue/Location Info

Venue/Location Info

1st Oct 2018 12:00 - 13:00

Event Details

NEXT LOCATION: Little Venice  from November 7 to December 6

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Bob and Moira - Barge FIODRA

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Currently, we do not have an access route for wheelchair users who wish to, or need to, remain in their wheelchairs whilst accessing the internal event space. We are happy to discuss options for aiding access to visitors who may be able to negotiate the access without a wheelchair. Please contact us in advance to discuss how we may be able to help. We may also be able to provide alternative ways of accessing our events such as live streaming.

Other provisions:

Where ever practicable we will make provision can be made for visitors with special requirements, such as a cognitive disability. 

Please call us in advance to discuss your needs on 0795 441 7165 or email

About Fiodra

- We obtain commercial screening licenses for all films from the relevant distributor.

- A Temporary Events Notice (TENS) is submitted to the local authority for each venue

- Fiodra registered as a food business with Dacorum Borough Council. Food Hygiene Rating 5

- Fiodra is licensed by the Canal and River Trust as a Roving Trader

- Safety Risk Assessments are made at each location/venue

- Fiodra has a commercial Boat Safety Standards (BSS) certificate

- Fiodra is insured for public performances